Tips For Dealing With Sore Nipples, Engorgement: Links I Love

As most moms who breastfeed know, sometimes you get sore nipples, engorged breasts, and the occasional infection. Ouch! So to help you breastfeeding mamas conquer the pain, I've rounded up some links:


Tips for sore or cracked nipples. — Breastfeeding Essentials

Engorgment pain? Other than praying that your baby decides to eat, you can try this at-home remedy. — Parent Dish

Ways to avoid and heal thrush. — Lil Sugar

Thrush can also lead to mastitis. — Lil Sugar

This product is great for soothing and cooling the skin. — Celeb Baby

Time to start weaning? Here are tips for dealing with pain that you might experience. — Babble

Sore breasts suck (pun not intended). These breast therapy packs are pure relief. —Cool Mom Picks 

Have you experienced any discomfort? If so, how did you deal?

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