Sibling Wear for New Baby and Older Sibling(s)

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Photo from Lullaby Loft

Got a new baby in the house? Help older siblings celebrate their new "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" status with this adorable sibling wear with custom initials.


The initials on these sibling shirts are appliques, and the Big or Lil is embroidered. Fabrics vary based on your preferences. They're $26 for two custom shirts, but you may also place custom orders for more than two shirts.

This cute lineup of family wear comes from Lullaby Loft, the Etsy shop of our very own CafeMom mommalynde. Lullaby Loft also offers custom embroidered bibs, burp cloths, and beach towels that can make great gifts.

These are super cute, mommalynde. Great idea for families welcoming a new baby.

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