What Will You Do With Your Newborn's Hats?

newborn hats

Photo by CheyannJosh69

Babies grow—and fast. My daughter grew so much in her first three months I was truly afraid she'd grow up to be seven feet tall. And they don't just grow in height and weight, they grow in head size, which means all those adorable newborn hats you have won't fit for very long.


But Amy over at Parent Hacks offers this great way you can reuse them (aside from the baby hats you save for posterity, of course).

"In my house, when someone needs an ice pack, we always wrap it with a towel to take the 'bite' off. I recently discovered that ice packs fit perfectly into newborn hats, and it stays in there much better than using only a towel! Plus, most towels are too thick—they never get cold enough."

What a good idea!

What are you going to do with your newborn's hats once they're too big?


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