Equal Parenting, SAHDs: Links I Love

Lots of men, who are used to being the bread-winners, have found themselves playing Mr. Mom due to layoffs and cutbacks. Here are some links I love that welcome these men to our world:


This mom writes about having a SAHD. — Momversation

A funny blog written by a dad that gives you a glimpse of what it's like to be Mr. Mom. — At Home Daddy

Take the poll, "Do you make your husband out to be a better dad?" — Lil Sugar

7 tips for equally shared parenting. — Babble

This is a sad story about a dying wife that prepares her husband for taking on parenthood alone. — Parent Dish

Pregnant Cafe MicheleZ's hubby is already starting to contribute! — Pregnancy Buzz

Is your SO a SAHD?

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