Babies Can Understand a Dog's Barks

babies and dogs

photo by ButtrflyTattoos

A news study shows that six month olds understand the meaning of different dog barks—even if they've never even been around a dog before.


In the study, done by researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU), infants were shown two different pictures of the same dog—in one the dog was in a friendly stance; in the other, the dog looked aggressive. Then the babies listened to recordings of an angry snarl and a friendly yap in random order. While the recording played the babies spent most of their time staring at the appropriate photo.

So what does this tell us exactly? According to the scientists, these kinds of experiments help us understand how babies learn so fast. Long before they can talk, babies can recognize and respond to the tone of what's going on around them.

So if you think your baby understands everything you're saying, he just might! At the very least he can infer something from your tone.

Do you ever get the feeling your baby knows exactly what you're saying?


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