I Miss Wearing My Babies Sometimes

sling, baby,

Photo from Karie's Cocoons (CafeMom BabyDio)

I wore my babies in a sling fairly often when they were new.

And, some days, particularly when I see an infant snuggled up in a sling, I miss wearing my little infants around.


This past weekend at the BlogHer Conference in Chicago, there were tons of moms attending and wearing their babies to and fro. It made me miss wearing my babies around.

Those adorable little bundles. Sleeping and sweet. Not a care in the world...

What's that you say? That I have selective memory? That there was some crying and fussing and diaper changing and extreme hunger in there somewhere?

Oh, I remember. Don't worry. I remember well. However, there is something about those days I wore my baby boys close to me in the sling that brings a smile to my face and will always make me miss my kids when they were small enough to carry around with me.

Do you wear your baby in a sling or another baby carrier? How often?

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