In Support of Bottle-Feeding Moms


bottle feeding vs. breast feeding breastfeding bottlefeedingWe all know that breastfeeding is good for babies and good for moms. I've been fortunate enough to have been able to breastfeed my daughter for the past nineteen months (I hope to make it until she's two).

But not everyone is as lucky. Some moms want to breastfeed, but they can't (they don't produce milk, the baby won't latch, it's far too complicated with their job, they're on medication that interferes with their milk, and the list goes on) so they bottle-feed their babies.

I don't pat myself on the back or think I'm somehow a superior mom for breastfeeding, I'm just thankful that it's worked out so well for me.

Especially since things are getting more difficult for bottle-feeding moms.

New research shows that the increased attention to breastfeeding moms (support groups, web advice, and hospital programs, all of which are good things) has resulted in a corresponding lack of information and support for bottle-feeding mothers (which is not a good thing at all).

Babies need to eat. So mothers need information on how to bottle feed—especially since the majority of breastfeeding moms ultimately switch to formula. Moms need to know how to prepare formula, how to sanitize bottles, and they need to know how much and how often to feed their babies.

The researchers emphasize that while breastfeeding should be encouraged, "It is also necessary to ensure that the needs of bottle-feeding mothers are met. Inadequate information and support for mothers who decide to bottle-feed may put the health of their babies at risk.

Mothers who bottle fed their babies, either because they could not breast feed or because they preferred to bottle feed, frequently experienced a range of negative emotions. These included guilt; worry about the impact on their baby and what healthcare professionals might say; uncertainty about how to proceed; a sense of failure; and anger as a result of feeling under pressure to breastfeed."

Do you bottle-feed your baby? Do you feel you got proper instructions from your pediatrician or your hospital on how to do so? Do you feel your friends and family support you?



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Mrscj... Mrscjones

I bottle fed my son. I never produced milk no leakage it didn't even come down when I had my husband suck on them. When I had my baby I had a c-section and had 2 b knock out I'm pretty sure they had 2 feed my baby n I would prefer formula over some mom I don't know milk. Plus after I woke up I had an infection from my surgery. If u was able 2 breast feed that's great 4 u but 2 put others down who didn't r couldn't is wrong. My son is healthier than most kids even those who was breast fed. He didn't get his first child until I put him n daycare. And he has always been above the curve when it came 2 his development. So n response 2 those I'm the best mom n da world cause my baby was able 2 suck on my breast. STFU feed ur child as u like n I'll feed mine. I also found a lil rice cereal n da bottle help them keep the formula down as well

nonmember avatar xoevqmfv

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I had a c-section since my son was breeched & then I couldn't breast feed because of my reduction I had over 12 yrs ago. I pumped & pumped for a month. I even bought a book about breast feeding after reduction called "defining your success" before my son was born. My son was an awesome latcher too. I was devasted & felt like a failure & I cried so much. Ironically enough, the lactation consultants at the hospital were supportive but gently realistic with me. I guess I'm grateful that I was able to breast feed my son his 1st 24 hrs & I was able to provide him those tiny 5cc servings of breastmilk the 1st month.

Torra... TorranceMom

No bottles in this house. I went through hell with both of my kids to get them to nurse properly (including two surgical breast procedures). I am educated on the countless benefits of breastmilk and I want the best for my kids so I breastfeed.

nonmember avatar AFP

Some of the comments here are so horrible and mean spirited. It's a woman's choice how she feeds her baby,full stop! It doesn't matter if she can or can't breast feed. I agree with what someone else said, breast is not always best. The world is not black and white, there is a ton of grey out there. People who think otherwise are naive. Breast feeding does not work for everyone in every situation, it's hard. I know because I exclusively breast feed my 4 month old. I had a ton of support, a good lactation consultant and a wonderful breast feeding group I attend weekly at the hospital where I delivered. I love BF and wouldn't have it any other way... But just because it works for me

doesn't mean it will work for everyone, and it doesn't mean (gasp) everyone even has to want too. I think all moms should have support no matter how they feed. Ever heard the expression mind your own plate?

nonmember avatar Kitty

I tried breastfeeding my son to no avail. He just would not latch. I have inverted nipples and had to pump to draw them out. The first week went fine. I gave him the "liquid gold" that I collected and then gave him formula, because the kid has to eat right? That second week, I tried to pump and NOTHING came out. I checked my tubing, connections, shields and everything was hooked up the way it should have been. I tried again a few hours later and the same thing. I kept trying and by the next day, it was pretty clear that my breasts just were not going to cooperate. They had already gone back to their pre-pregnancy size of 34B.

I'm okay with bottle feeding, and formula feeding at that, and I'll be damned if I let ANYONE tell me that what I'm doing is wrong or that I'm hurting my son or setting him up for problems later. As his mother, it's my choice and shame on anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.

Boobo... Boobookittt74

I hate that almost every time a woman on here sais they're bottle feeding they have to give some "good" reason like "my baby wouldn't latch or I wasn't producing milk or because of health reasons" as if they NEED to justify bottle feeding their child. I have 3 young kids and I did not breast feed any of them simply because I didnt want to thats it! No I never even TRIED! And they're all perfectly fine and healthy and normal!!

Boobo... Boobookittt74

Oh and I have no problem producing milk my milk came I'm strong as hell within the first days and I had to suffer thru letting them go down naturally after not using them!

Jennifer C Dowe

Yes I bottle fed my son but I breast feed and bottle fed due to not producing enough milk so my son was not gaining his weight. His pediatrician told me to supplement with formula and breast milk so that he would gain weight. I could pump and all I would get out of my breasts were about 4 ounces and that would even be after missing 3 feedings because I was not able to pump while at work. I decided that after he was about 3 months old I went straight to bottle feeding him formula due to he was a lot happier and seemed a lot fuller then when I was strictly breast feeding. So for those that are bashing mom's that want to bottle feed or that cannot produce breast milk you need to mind your business because you don't know the whole story. And it is our choice to bottle feed or to breast feed out babies and no one can tell us otherwise it is our bodies and babies.

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