Do You Have Your Baby's Footprints?

baby footprints

Photo from MoMa store

They didn't take my baby's footprints in the hospital and it made me kind of sad. For some reason I thought this was standard practice, and I looked forward to having my daughter's first little footprints to frame.


After she was born, a friend sent me a foot-printing kit with a frame that looked really cute. But when I tried it, the footprints didn't come out. The problem with this particular kit was that you had to bear down really hard into the clay to make an impression, and my baby obviously couldn't stand up and press her foot into the clay, and I didn't want to force it.

That makes me think a better way to go might be an ink foot-printing kit because maybe you wouldn't have to press your baby's foot down as hard, but I'm not sure. Has anyone tried one of these kits? Can you recommend a good one?

Do you have your baby's footprints? Were they taken in the hospital or did you do them yourself? What kind of kit did you use?

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