How Soon After Your Baby Was Born Did You Go Out?

going out after baby

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My daughter was born in an icy cold December so aside from going to her two-week check-up, I don't think I went out (out being a quick trip to the pharmacy) until she was about five weeks old.


My great aunt was horrified that I went out "so soon." In her day, new moms did not leave the house until a baby was at least six weeks old. That was mostly for religious reasons (babies were baptized at six weeks so if they died before then, people believed they'd go to hell, so it was best to keep them as safe as possible at home).

I thought five weeks was actually a really long time to wait and was kind of upset with myself at not having the energy (I had a c-section) to get out sooner. I can't even remember the first time I went to a social event.

But that's the question being asked in Answers: "I'm having a scheduled c-section on Monday. Is the following Sunday too soon for me to bring my newborn to a party? It's a surprise party for my sister-in-law and the family will expect to meet the baby."

Here's what moms had to say:

"You can just stop by and "show" everyone the baby, and get going. As long as you and the baby are healthy there is no reason  you can't go out. Have fun and bring your baby on all your adventures!" — ashjacks4

"I took my baby to the store the day we were released and went to the busiest restaurant in town the next day. We've been out of the house almost every day since then." — MarchMarie

"You probably won't feel like it after a c-section, but you do, go and have a good time. Just don't let the baby be passed around." — TiccledBlue

"I recommend against it. You will be recovering from surgery, the baby will be very new and doesn't need to be around other people." — Bmat

How soon did you go out after having your baby? Did you bring the baby with you? What kind of delivery did you have?

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