Crying it Out: The Doctors Debate

cio cry it out baby to sleep

Photo by MarceB

How do I get my newborn to sleep? That's the question on every new mom's mind. And if she voices it, she's likely to get an earful. Basically it seems like there are two main opinions on how to get a baby to sleep: You can let them cry it out until they drift off on their own (CIO) or you can soothe them until they fall asleep.


Generally, moms feel very strongly about whichever method they use—and there's lots of debate on the topic here on CafeMom. Both methods have their pros and cons and whichever one you end up using is entirely up to you.

But it turns out moms aren't the only ones who like to debate about CIOlilsugar says that doctors do too. Marc Weissbluth, M.D., author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child and an advocate of CIO is using his blog the Weissbluth Method to take on William Sears, M.D., author of The Attachment Parenting Book (which promotes soothing a baby to sleep).

So far this week, Dr. Weissbluth has written three entries called "My Problem With Doctor Sears # 1," "My Problem With Dr. Sears # 2," and you guessed it, "My Problem With Doctor Sears # 3."

No word on whether Dr. Sears has responded, but a search for "Weissbluth" on his site Ask Dr. Sears turns up nothing.

Do you think doctors should be telling moms how to get their baby to sleep? Or do you think a mom knows her baby, her baby's needs, and her own needs best?


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