Baby's First Words

photo by NewNkugbaMom

Ironically, my baby said her first real word yesterday while we were in sign language class. When she was 6 months old, she started calling me "em-may," which, of course, means "mommy"; and she's kind of got a "da da" thing going for her dad. But today she crawled over to the little baby boy sitting next to us and said her first word as clear as a bell.



I heard her say it, but I thought I was imagining things in my sleep-deprived stupor, plus I was trying to keep my cool. Then the boy's mom and the mom sitting next to her both yelled out, "Did you hear that? She just said 'baby'!" And we all got excited. What a moment. My baby said her first word. For real. And she said it in context. And then (I think because of the reaction she got), at the end of class she said, "Bye-bye," and she's never said that before either. I guess she's working her way through the B's.

So of course, the first thing I said to her when we got home was "baby." And she said, "baby." And I said, "baby." And she said, "baby." It was our first conversation. Her little voice is so cute and sweet and innocent—though I'm sure there will be times when I don't think so!

Still, I can't help but think that what she was really saying was, "Mama, I don't need this sign language class!"

What was your baby's first word?

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