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Trying to come up with a baby name? My friend's parents let her older sister name her. Her sister, then six, chose the name Mary Magdalene. My friend hates it, and goes by the nickname Maggie. She's always blamed her sister.

It turns out that many parents let their children name their new sibling.

According to an article in the Toldedo Blade, Marilyn Stevenson of Michigan was named by her older brother. "My parents had seven children, six girls and one boy. My brother was the second born and became very frustrated when one sister after another joined the family. When my parents announced another pregnancy, they told my brother that he could name the baby. I was born when he was 9 years old. He had a boyhood crush on a girl named Marilyn and decided that would be a good name for me."

When Cheryl Brockman was 8 years old, her parents told her that she could name her new sister. She chose "Queen Elizabeth," for the recently crowned Queen Elizabeth II, and "Liberace," for the entertainer. Her mother later told Cheryl hat it was the most miserable pregnancy of her life because she knew if it was a boy she wouldn’t be able to name him Liberace, and that it would break Cheryl’s heart. Fortunately, the baby was a girl and they dropped the "Queen" and simply named her Elizabeth. Cheryl was so proud of the role she had in naming her sister.

Did you let one of your other children name your new baby? Would you consider the idea?
Did you name or were you named by one of your siblings?

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Lynette Lynette

we asked them for ideas. but we didn't go w/ any of them.  My husband was named by his 2 older sibs.  They were fans of the partridge family so his name is Keith

rains... rainstorms

Yes, My 3 yo son named my son to be born Caleb. Apparently he has a kid in his daycare named Caleb Anthony. So he wanted to name the baby Caleb toni. I dropped the Toni and named him Caleb Nickolas. Because my name is Nickcole.

Kamar... Kamarias_mommy

i would ask for suggestions for sure :]

ethan... ethans_momma06

On my DS's Thomas the Train DVD there is this woman who talks about how her older son like Thomas the Tank engine, so they named their second son after the train. It always makes me cringe.

I think that you can discuss it with all the members of the household, but be open and let them know that the final decsion will be mommy and daddys to make. You include them, but insure that your child isnt name Mother Goose, or Caterpiller.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Absolutely not.
For smaller kids (kindergraten and under crowd), you can give them the FEELING like they're helping choose, and direct them towards your choice so they feel like they chose it.

Kodee... Kodeekins

My bestie wanted to name his adopted brother from China Voltron. lol. So no.

spamica spamica

No, unless he just happened to come up with a really great name that we all liked.  He will have his own kids to name.

sandr... sandra1023

Well, we are talking about ttc, and our 10 yr old son has already decided if it is a girl, she will be Veronica Dee Dee.  So, umm, nope, we won't be letting our kid decide!  lol

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