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Trying to come up with a baby name? My friend's parents let her older sister name her. Her sister, then six, chose the name Mary Magdalene. My friend hates it, and goes by the nickname Maggie. She's always blamed her sister.

It turns out that many parents let their children name their new sibling.

According to an article in the Toldedo Blade, Marilyn Stevenson of Michigan was named by her older brother. "My parents had seven children, six girls and one boy. My brother was the second born and became very frustrated when one sister after another joined the family. When my parents announced another pregnancy, they told my brother that he could name the baby. I was born when he was 9 years old. He had a boyhood crush on a girl named Marilyn and decided that would be a good name for me."

When Cheryl Brockman was 8 years old, her parents told her that she could name her new sister. She chose "Queen Elizabeth," for the recently crowned Queen Elizabeth II, and "Liberace," for the entertainer. Her mother later told Cheryl hat it was the most miserable pregnancy of her life because she knew if it was a boy she wouldn’t be able to name him Liberace, and that it would break Cheryl’s heart. Fortunately, the baby was a girl and they dropped the "Queen" and simply named her Elizabeth. Cheryl was so proud of the role she had in naming her sister.

Did you let one of your other children name your new baby? Would you consider the idea?
Did you name or were you named by one of your siblings?

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giner8 giner8

My DS prayed for two years for a baby sister.  We ended up concieving his sister on my sister's (who passed away) birthday so we gave our DD my sister's first name and we had several middle names picked out and left the final decision on middle name to my 9 year old DS.  We love our Lisa Mae <3  I hope she loves it as much as we do.

LoriH... LoriHas3gls3bys

We have a large family & I do not let one child or all of them name each addition however, they can put their input in it & actually Lucy our 11 yr old picked the names for our 3 & 4 yr olds. If I didn't like the names, of course they wouldnt be named that but I loved the name & they fit our family perfect & we have found that they fit susan & phillip perfectly!

sunmo... sunmoonstars

LOL.... when we were aming Sarah, Abby was a silly little thing and insisted on calling her "tree stump", because it was a new word she had just learned and thought it was funny.  She would say it and laugh sooo hard, and everyone thought she was saying "teresa".  We didn't name her tree-stump, obviously!

AHamrick AHamrick

We plan to start ttc in about a month, Our dd is 18 months old, and I have been thinking about picking a few names we like then letting her choose between them when the time comes.

jagrus jagrus

If i were pregnant again I would let troy help choose the name if he could talk, he is only 6 months right now so he could not help but in the future I would allow suggestions from the boy.

ameli... ameliasmama1

No. When my kids have kids then they can pick the names. Right  now it is my turn lol.

ameli... ameliasmama1

Oh yeah and if I let my 2 year old pick this baby's name it would more than likely be Elmo, Grover, or Nemo.

Agent... AgentBrez

i dont think i would let them decide but i dont see the hurt in asking their opinion if they are old enough. they may come up with something you've never thought of.

Freela Freela

Oh heavens no!  When I was pg with my third, my son (four at the time) INSISTED that we name the new baby 'Pimpy.'  He thought it was an equally good name for a boy or a girl.  We chose not to find out the sex so the baby got referred to as 'Pimpy' for the entire nine months.  Luckily when she was born ds was not too disappointed that we didn't go with his suggestion.  We did let him and his other sister go to Build A Bear and stuff a bear for the new baby which they named 'Pimpy Bear.'

elism... elismom122003

I asked my son if he liked the name Madison for his baby sister one day after we found out it was a girl and he would never call her anything else after that. So even though I wanted to find another name I couldn't bring myself to choose another name. So anyday now Madison will be born and Eli is so proud of himself in choosing her name. It is a good name though. I was afraid he would want to name her General Grievous or something crazy. lol

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