Does Back to School for Your Older Kids Affect Your Baby's Schedule?

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Yay, I have mommy all to myself!

 My hats off to all you moms who have more than one kid to juggle—especially when one of those kids is a baby. I have just one and it's tough enough. My guess is that if your other kids are old enough, you're looking forward to back to school time. At least they'll be occupied for part of the day, and you can kick back and relax with the baby. As if.


Babies keep moms very very busy—and they generally do it (eat, sleep, play, poop) on somewhat of a schedule. But what happens at home when the other kids are off at school? Does it make your life easier because you can focus on the baby and stick to his schedule? Or does it make your life harder because you're driving your kids here and there and their activities interfere with the baby's schedule?

How does back to school affect your baby's schedule? How do you deal with the adjustment?

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