Breastfeeding Essential: Nursing Tank Tops

Nursing Tank Tops

Nursing tank tops provide wonderful postpartum tummy coverage, and many breastfeeding moms consider them an essential must-have.

Nursing tank tops didn't hit the market until after I had my second child. However, these tanks are something I would have really loved, especially with my first adventures in breastfeeding and pumping.

Personally, I love the nursing tank top because breastfeeding was quite difficult for me the first time, and I'm also very modest about showing my stomach (even before babies). However, I'm also a social person, so I didn't want to stay at home topless and nursing in private forever. I wanted to get out and about with my nursing infant.

It's hard enough to stay modest while juggling a hungry newborn, a nursing bra, leaking milk, postpartum hormonal hot flashes, and the "right" latch method without worrying if your squishy postpartum belly is hanging out.

Things to consider when shopping for nursing tank tops:

  • Support: Will you be wearing the tanks with a nursing bra or on their own? If you're bustier, support can be even more critical, so you might choose a style with built-in bra cups for better support. If a separate nursing bra is a must, you might choose the Modest Middle Nursing Tank Top, which cuts beneath the bra but still covers the stomach.
  • Style: Will you be wearing the tanks as undergarments or on their own? Consider this when choosing style and color. Some are less flattering than others, which only really matters if you're wearing them on their own.
  • Nursing pads: The Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank has a mesh lining that holds your nursing pads in place when you open the flaps. It's a nice bonus.

Click the photo above to check out specific pricing and product information.

Do you or have you worn nursing tank tops? What do you think?

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Jesse... JessecaLynn

I wore nursing tanks and loved them last summer.  They were comfortable and convient.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Any nursing top was a god send. Although occasionally the tops would be a little to tight across the bust and  it would be a little bit of a challenge if I had a nursing bra underneath as well, so just be aware of that.

But yes, an essential for nursing mothers. Loved, loved, loved them!

heath... heatherama

I think any sort of tank or cami is an essential when it comes to breastfeeding, especially breastfeeding in public. I don't own any nursing tops, though. I prefer to go with a cami that has a built in bra or even one without a bra and I simply wear a nursing bra underneath. I lengthen the cami or tank's straps so I can have easy access and viola!


RanaA... RanaAurora

Old Navy has some new, awesome nursing tanks, by the way. ;)

I have a nursing tank top, and wasn't sure how I'd like it.  I DO though, so I'm going to buy some of the neat ones off Old Navy's website.  Like heatherama, I'm also a fan of the built-in bra tank tops.  You just throw a shirt on over it, and when you pull up the top shirt, your stomach is still totally covered.  You just free the one boob, still mostly under the top shirt... it works out great.

Billy... BillyKraftsMom

i live in rural Hawaii where nurseing tops are expensive!! as nice as they are to have, i had good results using regular tank tops, like work out clothes at walmart. they do lack in the support department but my boobs look weird with or with out it any way!!

Kelle... Kelleysunshine

I have the cheap tanks from forever 21. I wear these at home and just nusre her in these. WHere I live, it's too hot to layer clothing like that. Good idea though, I know moms who do it and love it.

marin... marinesweetie

I bought the ones walmart provides & I tent to wear a collared shirt over them so I'm not exposing anything, and I do still put a light cover over my son when in public bc I live in a military town. Men are pervs & women can get insecure & rude about it. But they do come in handy!

madfoot madfoot

i absolutely love my glamourmom tanks -- and i am pretty big-busted, so you would think they wouldn't work. the best part is that they provide light support across my belly, which sorely needs it... when i wear a tank and a tee, the tee goes up and the tank goes down and there's just the littlest amount of breast exposed. very handy.

love2... love2belolasmom

I love LOVE LOVE my nursing tank! I bought mine at Target in white with the built in bra. Its getting worn out I love it so much! With the next kid I will definitley be investing in many more, they are great!

jagrus jagrus

i got 4 of these nursing tanks and 1 sleep bra

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