A Safer Bath Toy for Your Baby

non-toxic rubber duckies

Photo from Boon

Love this non-toxic duck!

My daughter loves rubber duckies, and she has quite a collection since her grandfather has sent her every duck imaginable—a princess duck, a cowboy duck, a chef duck, etc.  She plays with them during her bath and likes to put them in her mouth, which stresses me out. Why? Rubber ducks are toxic.


Most rubber ducks are made of PVC which contains phthalates, a chemical that makes toys soft, but which is also toxic and can leach directly into a baby's mouth. The European Union, and the state of California, have banned the use of phthalates in kid's toys.

I've been wanting to get rid of my daughter's ducks (or at least keep them as mementos rather than toys), but there's no way I could do it without her noticing. Happily, I've found the perfect substitutes: Boon's Odd Ducks.

Boon's Odd Ducks come in four cool colors (tk is pictured), and they're completely PVC, phthalate-, and BPA-free. They cost $5.99 each, and 10% of the company's profits go to children's charities.

What's your baby's favorite bath toy?


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