Have You Named a Guardian for Your Baby, Just In Case?

michael jackson kids naming legal guardian babyMichael Jackson's death has me thinking I should hurry up and name a legal guardian for my daughter just in case both my husband and I die. According to news reports, Michael Jackson's mom has legal custody of his three children; if she dies, then Diana Ross will take custody of Jackson's kids.


My husband and I will be the guardians of my sister's three kids in case something should happen to her and her husband. We will also be the guardians of my brother-in-law's daughter if he and his wife should die.

It's pretty heavy stuff.

I know we should name a guardian for our daughter and that we should definitely put it in writing so there are no questions as to who "gets" her, but thinking about dying and our baby living without us is too depressing.

We've talked about it a little, but we've found it hard to come up with a choice we both feel comfortable with.

Have you named a legal guardian for your baby in the event of your death? How did you make the decision? What kinds of things did you consider?

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