Get Your Screaming Baby to Sleep

There's nothing worse than when your baby is upset and nothing seems to calm him so I really felt for mommyxina2008 last night. She posted a cry for help in The CafeMom Newcomers Club because she could not get her screaming baby to sleep and she was exhausted. All the moms chimed in with some really good advice.


jcsg suggested a car ride.

A few moms suggested taking the baby outside for some fresh air.

Several others thought it was gas and suggested gas drops.

momwitho4 said to put him to bed with a vacuum cleaner or a fan running. She said the "white noise" helped her kids a lot, and mommy2-3kiddos added a hair-dryer to that list.

leslie_renee suggested putting the baby in a vibrating bouncer.

Meissilly said to "hold him upside down (supporting his body like you would if you were giving the Heimlich and SHHH SHHH really loud. It's like being back in the womb again."

jaimieleigh81 suggested to swaddle him using the directions on

mommyxina2008 never checked back in so I'm not sure what happened but I really hope she got the baby to sleep—and that she got some sleep herself.

What are your surefire ways for getting an unhappy baby to sleep?

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