Cute Bibs for a Buck


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Photo from luvinthemommyhood

I adore this bib. But it's not really a bib. It's a placemat (that cost a dollar). At least it was a placemat until luvinthemommyhood turned it into a bib. Here's how she did it.


You'll need these materials to make your own bib:

1. Water-resistant placemat consisting of 2 pieces. (luvinthemommyhood used a 13” x 19” PEVA placemat from Wal-Mart)

2. Matching thread

3. An existing bib in the size you'd like to make

4. Velcro for attaching straps together


Then, go to luvinthemommyhood to download the PDF how-to.

Have fun!

Do you make your own bibs? What do you use?

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