3 Heavenly Must-Haves That Blessed My Postpartum Experiences


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I always say I wish I could go back and relive the days with my newborn babies all over again — so precious and sweet and tiny, that time period so short! — but I want to relive all that MINUS the giving birth part. Someone else can take care of that in my relived fantasy. LOL.

Along with my husband and the support of family, friends, and the pizza delivery guy, I do remember three specific items that I could *NOT* have lived without in my first week postpartum.

My Three Must-Have Postpartum Supplies:

  1. Ice diapers: Did those of you who had vaginal births at the hospital get those amazing ice packs for your undies right after delivery? After the birth of my first child, I was dealing with a pretty bad tear, so crotch-fitting ice packs, for me, were like gifts from God in heaven. Once they moved me to recovery, however, they made the shift to ice diapers (cheaper, I guess), but they were heavenly just the same. To make them at home, just add water to the crotch of a diaper and stick them in the freezer. These are very nice soothers for around the house, and they won't leak all over the place.
  2. Foam anesthetic spray: Oh, the cooling, numbing, harps-playing relief of this spray! If you have a hospital birth, they'll probably send you home with some of this stuff. With my first, they gave me a foam version to spray on a maxi pad, as needed. Holy blessed miracle in a spray can! After the arrival of my second child, they sent me home with Dermoplast, which did the trick but was slightly less miraculous than the foam stuff.
  3. Lansinoh Topical Cream with Lanolin: Smiling angels up above, I love this cream. Breastfeeding can sure make your breasts hurt! Like really badly! Cracked, sore nipples...ouch! So hallelujah to the mom friend who told me about Lansinoh topical treatment. You just slather it on for instant relief and it's safe for baby too, so no need to remove it before the next feeding (the time for which always arrives, uh, five minutes ago). Please note, this stuff will stain your bras or clothing. I didn't care though. I just bought black nursing bras because this stuff felt so darn good.

Amen to postpartum lifesavers like these!

What products or items made your postpartum experience a little better? What did you feel you couldn't live without (aside from sleep, I mean)?

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mmmom... mmmommy0207

I've been a fan of the crotch-ice-packs, too. I never got the numbing foam, though! What a wonderful idea! I'm having #3 in Oct, and I think I'll stock up on the foam TONIGHT!

Lets not forget the witch hazel and prep H to aid in all that "swelling" you've got going on for WEEKS, and THANK GOD for stool softeners!

SxdUp... SxdUpAngel

I'll be freezing newborn diapers, for sure.  My baby'll be using cloth diapers but I'll be using those disposables, lol.  They don't leak as much as frozen pads, supposedy.  That foam sounds heavenly... 

sstepph sstepph

All of those!! The Ice Diapers.. Worked wonders, I fractured my tailbone and my bone in my pelvis.. so AHH! haha and the numbing spray.. was the best thing ever.. the cream I still use every once in awhile now, it also works on my sons dry spots on his skin!

Proud... ProudMami2008

The tucks pads (witch hazel) were the best for me. The nurse put like 3 of them on right after birth and it was heaven. I also could not live without the little squirt bottle they give you to clean up after "yourself".

Gaia_... Gaia_Rain

I hear ya with the squirt bottle.  I had all c-sections, so I know nothing of the ice diaper.

edwin... edwinasmom

Never tried the ice diapers... wasn't an option at my hospital I guess, however the tucks pads (witch hazel) were incredible! 

Sidenote: I have to say it's stuff like postpartum pain that we need to tell young girls in graphic detail about BEFORE they start thinking of sex... who knew how gross and painful that was gonna be!?!

Kelle... Kelleysunshine

The ice diapers are such a great idea! I was sticking ice in a baggie and shoving it in my pants, but that sunds better! I was sent with Dermoplast which worked great! I remember the Lanolin- I found that breastmilk worked great too- just express some and let it air dry on your nipples. Ahhhhhhhh! I went braless for a few weeks- just tucked a burpcloth in my tank. I get my tanks cheap at forver 21, theyre like 2.50 each! So I didnt care about staining!

I couldnt live without the peri squirt bottle either! Felt great to freshen it up! The only thing was I only wanted to use warm water so I had to wait forever for my water to warm up for me to go!

BTW- the lanolin I had leftover, I used as diaper cream on my daughters heiny! Best diaper cream ever!

LadyKiki LadyKiki

The first two I used after I had my son. I dont know what I would have done without them. That foam stuff was awsome. I tore when I had my son and that foam stuff just made things so much better after I got home :-D

yeaig... yeaigot4ofem

I had never even heard of the foam stuff, lol, so safe to say i never had it. The hospitals I have delivered in before had frozen condoms. I also love lasinoh.

Silve... Silverblue

Tucks Pads, Motrin, and mesh undies... and the SUPER pads they gave me at the hospital

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