You Know You're a Mother When...

Photo by Connors.Mom

You know those "You might be a redneck" jokes that Jeff Foxworthy does, right? Well, we're going change it up CafeMom-style, "You know you're a mother when..."

  • Your washing machine is constantly going.
  • The songs stuck in your head are sang by cartoon characters.
  • A diaper bag is your purse.
  • Getting bodily functions on you doesn't bother you the least bit.
  • You can probably feed an army with the amount of crumbs that can be found under the couch, between the car seats, on the highchair...
  • Pictures of crazy nights out  with friends have been replaced with pictures of your baby on Facebook.
  • Works of art in your home are made out of macaroni.
  • You find yourself licking your finger to rub dirt off your husband's face.

Now I wanna hear yours! You know you're a mother when...

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