Let's Panic About Babies

If all you do is read about raising babies and parenting and then you promptly panic about raising babies and parenting, then why not do it right?

Go on over and visit Let's Panic About Babies, the new and hilarious brainchild of bloggers Alice Bradley of finslippy and Eden Marriott Kennedy of Fussy.


Let's Panic About Babies is sort of like The Onion for parents. It's tongue-in-cheek "parenting advice" at its best from two of the most witty mommy bloggers. Seriously, my stomach hurts from laughing.

And let's face it. All through this whole parenting gig, there's plenty of panic and anxiety and worry to be had. But Let's Panic About Babies is the kind of panic you actually need and deserve while parenting. The kind that allows you to lighten up already. And smile. And laugh until your stomach hurts.

After all, as the website says, now that you've had a baby, you can finally "Say goodbye to your freedom and hello to a lifetime of thankless commitment."

Some funny stuff on Let's Panic About Babies now:

Go check out Let's Panic About Babies. They'll be updating weekly.

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