Nursing Bras: How to Find One That Fits

Are you having trouble finding nursing bras that actually fit? Our lingerie expert is here to help...


My sister, Kristin, has worked in the lingerie industry for several years and has written previous posts about how to know if you are wearing the wrong bra size and how to find a bra if your breasts are different sizes. In response to many questions about how to find nursing bras, she offers this advice:

A nursing bra should fit like an everyday bra—meaning that the area of the bra between the cups should tack in the front to your sternum. Additionally, the underwire of the cups should completely encompass all of the breast tissue on each side of the breast; if you are not wearing a bra with an underwire, the seams that exist in place of the wire should be completely encompassing all of the tissue. I recommend purchasing the nursing bra about one month before having your baby. Leave a little bit of gapping in the cup for additional growth in the remaining month.

Now while I am professionally known as a "boobologist", I do not pretend to have medical expertise. Some doctors do not recommend underwire nursing bras because they have been linked to plugged milk ducts and mastitis. But some large-busted women have told me that soft-cup bras don't offer them enough support. Therefore, before deciding whether or not to purchase a nursing bra with underwire, please consult your doctor.

An excellent underwire nursing bra that I usually recommend is the Anita International Underwire Nursing Bra, which will accommodate up to an H cup. If you can't afford the $69, try the Medela Full Figure Seamless Underwire Nursing Bra available at JCPenney for $36.

Soft-cup nursing bras I like are: Bravado 1011 Basic Maternity Soft Cup Nursing Bra ($35) and (a little more expensive, but definitely more sexy) Elle Macpherson Intimates 'E71-135 Maternelle' Soft Cup Nursing Bra ($55).

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Do you have a nursing bra you really like and would recommend to other moms?

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