Multi-Use Furniture for the Nursery

My baby grew out of her cradle so fast, I didn't even have a crib ready for her. Fortunately, my friend's two-year-old son was trading in his for a big boy racecar bed and so I got one for free. But now that I've seen this brand-new line of baby furniture from Muu, I'm tempted to send that crib to Grammy's house for sleepovers and start my nursery all over.


Muu makes cribs that convert to toddler beds, dressers, night stands, storage units, and changing trays that fit the dressers (but that can be removed once your little one is potty trained). The furniture is simple yet stylish—you can choose from different panel designs and even get them customized with your baby's name. The panels are attached with magnets (really strong magnets) so that they can be removed and switched out for another panel with a new design (if, say, you have a new baby). The furniture is all eco-friendly (it's made in the good ole USA with sustainable wood and non-toxic finishes) so it's safe for your baby and safe for the planet.

The only downside is the price. The Sam Crib is $1,375 and the Toddler Conversion Kit is $225. Even if you can justify spending that because of all the years use you'll get out of it, you might not want to spring for all the matching furniture no matter how cute it would look. I can already see my nursery with a Muu Muu here and a Muu Muu there ...

For tips on when to move your baby from crib to bed, check out Cafe Cynthia's Toddler Buzz.

What does your baby's nursery look like?

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