Popular Blogger Fakes Baby's Birth—and Death

blogger fakes baby's birth and deathThe author of the Little April Rose blog has a lot of explaining to do to her readers. When she started her blog, she said she was single and pregnant with a child that had been diagnosed as terminally ill.


Her readers followed her story, prayed for her and her baby, and some even sent money.

This weekend "April's Mom" wrote a post saying that she had given birth, but that the baby had died. She also posted a photo of herself with the "baby." Her blog got a million hits.

The problem is, the "baby" was a very life-like doll and it was obvious to many of her readers. They wanted to know who she was and why she lied. The blogger deleted her web site, but not before someone discovered her identity: Beccah Beushausen.

The Chicago Tribune contacted Beushausen, who admitted the hoax, and said, "I know what I did was wrong. I've been getting hate mail. I'm sorry because people were so emotionally involved."

She also said she really did lose a son shortly after birth in 2005. She started her blog in March to help deal with that loss. "I've always liked writing. It was addictive to find out I had a voice that people wanted to hear," Beushausen said. "Soon I was getting 100,000 hits a week, and it just got out of hand," she said. "I didn't know how to stop. One lie led to another."

Did you read the Little April Rose blog? What do you think of Beushausen's deception?

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