DIY Origami Mobile for Baby

DIY origami mobile, baby mobile, paper cranes

Photo by Lisa Solomon

Oh what a cute DIY handmade mobile for baby!

You know I luh-uv some origami, so when I saw this sweet baby mobile on Lisa Solomon's Flickr, I just had to ask her how to make one.


Lisa Solomon is a new mom and an artist whose artwork makes my heart go pitter pat. Let's see how she whipped up this pretty origami mobile for her little one.

DIY origami mobile, baby mobile, paper cranes

Photo by Lisa Solomon

Lisa Solomon: I used this tutorial for the butterflies. This tutorial for the circular ornaments. And I knew how to make the cranes from when I was a kid, but here's a paper crane tutorial for those.

I just used origami paper and made three of each shape — you could easily do more or less, and I used steel wire I had lying around the house.

  1. With your wire, make a series of "u" shapes, varying the length and width of them. Make little loops the middle of each "u" and at the ends to connect them.
  2. Punch holes in various places of your origami shapes. I tried to imagine if I was lying down what angle would be interesting to view the shapes.
  3. Then make some short little connectors with your wire. You can vary the length of these as well — that way everything will dangle at different heights.
  4. Start putting your "u" shapes together (ends to middles) and hanging your origami pieces using the connectors, attached as you wish to the end and center loops.
  5. Play with the location of each shape. Feel free to adjust the "u" shapes too. You can push them together or pull them apart to bring the elements to different areas.

Thanks for sharing this cool project, Lisa. Now I want an origami mobile above my desk. So, so pretty.

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