Carrying On: How a Good Infant Carrier or Sling Can Make a Day Great

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Wondering if any of those baby carrier options are really necessary? Today Alison Neumer Lara, Ideal Bite's Mama Bite Editor joins us to share what she knows (and loves) about infant carriers and baby slings.


Carrying On: How a Good Infant Carrier or Sling Can Make a Day Great
By Ideal Bite's Mama Bite Editor Alison Neumer Lara

In places other than Chicago, where I live with my family, there are seasons called spring and fall. Here, not so much — freezing winters stop on a dime followed by blasts of heat. But as it's basically summer now, we recently woke up to comfy temps and a sunny sky, so I decided to take a brisk morning walk for exercise with my best accessory strapped to my chest — Roxane, my 10-month-old daughter.

I'm a big fan of both our Belle infant carrier and Moby sling. They're lightweight, and it makes me feel good to know that they involve minimal to no plastic. (Plastic is made from petroleum, and its manufacturing can pollute air and water.) Also these carriers are simply designed for intuitive use. One giant piece of fabric or just a few snaps? I can handle that. Even my husband at 6-feet-tall will sport one of our baby wraps (even though he says they make him look like a hippie Earth-Mother-type).

I also love that my hands are free. I'll sometimes take a water bottle, but otherwise I'm ready to scoop up whatever Roxie throws down — hat, pacifier, those pesky shoes...

And, of course, it's a blast. Roxane loves taking in the neighborhood this way. She's an active kid already, and in the carrier, she faces out, legs a-kicking with a big ol' grin on her face. There's nothing like babies (or dogs, I guess) to radically change the social tenor of street life. Everyone smiles or nods, and I'll swear — yes, as a totally biased parent — that drivers have slowed down to wave. Hey, it's actually nice outside...for a day, anyway.

Do you use a sling or infant carrier?

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