When Strangers Go Too Far: What Would You Do?

It's bad enough when complete strangers touch your baby without even asking! But listen to what happened to 1stTimeMomHolly when a creepy stranger wouldn't leave her baby alone...


1TimeMomHolly tells us about when a creepy stranger in restaurant paid a little too much attention to her baby, Landen:

My husband and I went out to dinner this weekend at a local Italian restaurant. As soon as we were seated, the lady in the booth directly beside us got up and ran over to the stroller to look at Landen...

Immediately, she starts trying to touch him and grab him and play with him...She starts asking me things like, "What hospital was he born in? How much did he weigh? Length? Does he have all of his immunizations? Did he have any problems at birth? Does he still? What kind of formula do you feed him? What bottles? Who is his pediatrician?" I'm sure you get the picture. They were just really personal questions that you normally don't get asked by a total stranger!

By this time, she's still hovering over his stroller and she starts saying things like "Awe, you're so amazing. I love you. I just love you so much. I want to hold you and squeeze you. I'm gonna see if your mommy will let me baby-sit you and keep you for a while."

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, she says, "Can you just roll him over here to my table so I can talk to him and take him out and play with him?"

Then, as she's leaving she tells me, "Make sure you keep a good eye on him. There are a lot of crazy people out there that steal little babies like him. And he's absolutely perfect so you really need to watch out."

Needless to say, 1stTimeMomHolly was pretty freaked out by this woman's behavior toward her baby.


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Do you think the stranger in this situation went too far by being too forward with the baby and talking about creepy things like "stealing babies"? What would you have done in 1stTimeMomHolly's situation?

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