Can You Spoil a Baby?

spoiling a baby

Photo by lemurkinsmommy

There's an ongoing debate taking place here at CafeMom and between moms and "experts" everywhere. Is it possible to spoil a baby? That question was asked in Advice for Moms, and here's what people had to say.


The experts will tell you that you can't, but I beg to differ. You can spoil kids. No matter what age. — SAMNMAYASMOM

No. The first two to three months, babies need the constant touch and cuddling. After that they should learn to self-soothe. After four months, they start to learn things like 'If I cry long enough mommy will pick me up ... what else can I get away with?'" — jjleavitt

A baby can be spoiled right away. If you constantly hold your baby he is going to want to be held all the time and you won't be able to do anything. — Audreysmommy123

No—they are babies, not adults. They are born to have their needs met. Babies are not manipulative little creatures. They have needs beyond food, clean diapers—they need to be held and comforted, even if we don't always understand why. They are babies for such a short amount of time." — Randi02

Yes you can spoil a baby, but not with affection. — tiffanysgirls

I don't think so, but who cares? They are only small once. — tweetyfan

What do you think? Is there such a thing as spoiling a baby?

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