Should You Have to Pass an IQ Test to Keep Your Baby?

How wise should moms have to be?

A 24-year-old mom in England is only allowed to see her daughter once a month. Is she a bad mom? No. Did she abuse her child? No.

So what's the problem?

Well, she's just not smart enough to be a mom. At least that's what the court says.


Rachel Pullen's baby was born prematurely, had two surgeries, and stayed in the hospital for six months before she was taken to foster parents. Social Services argued that Rachel lacks the intelligence it takes to parent—she has an IQ of 71, which means she has a borderline intellectual ability. (The average adult IQ score range is 90 to 109.)

Because she's "dumb," Rachel is allowed to see her daughter only once a month. If the latest court ruling sticks, her baby will be adopted in the next three months, and Rachel won't be allowed to see her again.

"If she's adopted, I've been told I won't be allowed any contact with her, apart from sending her one letter or card a year, and I won't be able to use the word daughter or mother in them, Rachel told The Daily Mail. "So what will I be to her? A pen pal? ... When I walk around Nottingham, I see other mothers who are no better or more clever than me and they still have their children. Why?"

Do you think moms should have to pass an IQ test in order to keep their kids? Why or why not?

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