Is Air Conditioning Safe for Babies?

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As the temperatures climb this summer, we'll be looking for any and all ways to keep cool and comfortable. But is air conditioning safe for your baby? I know some moms are wondering if the cold air could cause a chill or even asthma later in life...


Everything that I've heard suggests that it is generally safe to have your baby sleep in an air conditioned room—especially if the alternative is a hot, humid, and stuffy room. There are a few precautions you might want to take when using the air conditioner in your baby's room:

  • Keep temperatures reasonable. Some doctors recommend a temperature of between 68-72 degrees, but check with your doctor to see what they suggest for your baby.
  • Avoid placing your baby near vents. Whether you have central air or window units, air conditioners tend to have concentrated flows of cold air coming from the vents—this might be too strong for your baby. Babies can take advantage of the cool room without being directly in the path of blowing air.
  • Dress babies lightly but covered. This way the cold air isn't directly touching their skin while they sleep.

Another idea for keeping your baby's room from overheating during the summer is to use a fan (although it should be noted that fans move air around, they don't cool the air). Not only is this safe, but studies have shown that using a fan in the room lowers a baby's risk of SIDS by 72 percent.

How do you keep your baby cool in the summer?

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