Birdies for Babies

bird pull toy, birds for baby


I'll admit I have bird love—cute little birdie designs galore—and it doesn't stop when it comes to baby.

Here are some great handmade birdies-for-baby finds from our very own Cafemom Street Team for Etsy.


bird, seagulls, bibs, babybird t-shirt, baby

baby blanket, loveybird onesie, blanket, baby gift

At very top) Bird Pull Toy, $14.88 at Rising Phoenix Toys (CafeMom RisingPhoenix),

1) Droolies Seagulls Baby Bib, $8.00 at Turtley Awesome Crafts (CafeMom erinkoeser616), 2) Birdie Birdie T-Shirt for Baby, $14.00 at Maddie & Me (CafeMom 1MaddieAndMommy), 3) Baby's Little Lovey Blanket, $16.99 at Turtley Awesome Crafts (CafeMom erinkoeser616), 4) Baby 3-Piece Spring Gift Set with Birdie, $17 at Lullaby Loft (CafeMom mommalynde).

Love a baby. Love a birdie. Support a mom handcrafter. Tweet tweet!

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