Do You and Your Baby Get Along?

photo by Cafe MicheleZ

Sure, right now it's all lovey-dovey, huggie kissie, giggly good times, but have you ever wondered what things are going to be like when your baby hits the teen years? You can find out just how compatible you are on


The site has a just-for-fun Mom and Baby astrological assessment. You just select your sign and your baby's sign and you get a personality overview for each of you. To get the "Mom and Baby Compatibility Profile," you have to type in more personal info like your e-mail and mailing addresses (I'm pretty sure this has less to do with the stars than with marketing), and you'll also get your weekly horoscopes.

Mine (I'm a Scorpio) says I'm a good Mama (phew!), but I shouldn't get too caught up in baby world, and that sounds about right. My Capricorn daughter "cares a great deal about what others think of [her]" and needs "positive reassurance from the beginning." The gist of our compatibility profile is that the two of us are "meant to be together." That, I already knew. Still it was kind of fun to see what the "reading" said.

Let me know what yours says if you do it.

(If you are into astrology, there are some groups on CafeMom you might be interested in like Moms into Astrology. There are also two groups dedicatd to specific signs: Libra Moms and Mystical Pisces Mommies. I wonder what that means about those two signs?)

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