The Octomom Got a T.V. Show Deal: Will You Watch?

octomom reality tv showThe Octomom is back in the news, and it looks like she'll be around for a while. While we all heard rumors of book deals and documentaries and reality T.V. shows just days after her eight youngest babies were born, nothing was confirmed. But now it seems Nadya Suleman is going to get some of the "fame and fortune" she was allegedly after.


Yesterday, Suleman's attorney said that Nadya has a deal with 3Ball (the creators of The Biggest Loser, For Love or Money, and Beauty & The Geek) for a reality television show that will film her and her 14 children. Film crews will not follow them around 24 hours a day, but will document certain events like holidays and birthdays.

It's supposed to be less intrusive than a typical reality T.V. show and Suleman will get to use a camera and do some of the filming herself.

I don't think I'll be watching the show. It's exhausting enough being a mom without having to watch someone do it on T.V.

How about you—will you watch the Octomom's show? Do you watch Jon & Kate Plus 8? What about 18 Kids and Counting?


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