When Parents Get Tattoos to Honor Baby

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Photo by CAgirl1214

I recently read an article on tattoos in Sactown magazine. Ben Barry, one of tattooed interviewees said, "Some people hate on tattoos and stereotype you, but [tattoos are] something beautiful that you're trying to show the world."

I love that. And it seems to be true of parents who get tattoos to honor their children too. They really just want to show their beautiful children to the world. These parents love to be able to think about and "carry" their children, even symbolically, when their kids aren't by their sides (in one case, even when the "kid" is off fighting a war in Iraq). For moms and dads with tattoos of their kids or their kids' names, the tattoos represent parental honor, pride, and love.

I recently talked to four moms about kid-honoring tattoos, theirs or their husband's, and what these tattoos mean to them. 

Tattoo of Koi Fish and Son's Name (pictured above): Husband of CAgirl1214

"My husband is extremely family oriented so he felt like the tattoo was a good way to honor our son and to let him know how important he is to him. He also likes to get tattoos as timeline markers so that every time he looks at it, he thinks of that time in his life — this one being the birth of our son (and first child).

He wanted the koi fish in the tattoo because it's a Japanese symbol of luck, love, strength, etc. (depending where you find it), and I guess it's kind of willing all of those things on our son.

When I look at the tattoo, I think it's amazing. It's incredibly well done down to the last detail, and it's by far my favorite of all of his tattoos. I love that he got our son's name tattooed on himself because I think it's sweet, and good daddies are the best thing in the world. I don't have a good relationship with my dad, so it completely melts my heart to see a dad who loves his child to the extent that my husband loves ours."

Tattoos with All Six Kids' Names: ShyCtryMom
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Photo by ShyCtryMom

"My proudest accomplishment is having my children, being a mom. I love being able to show them off. "Carrying" their names on my shoulders, to me, is just another way of showing my love for them. The tattoos make me feel like they are with me always, even when they are far away. My oldest, Tristan, is currently serving his second tour in Iraq, and when I see his name on my shoulder, I pray that it is keeping him a little safer, by being carried on my shoulder."

Tattoo with Twins' Names: mamaoftwins9197

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Photo by mamaoftwins9197

"I have several other tattoos that all have personal meaning to me, and it just seemed important to get my kids' names as well. I want to show them off to the world, and this is a way for me to do it when they are not with me! I love to look at my tattoo...I get nostalgic when I look at this particular one. It makes me think of them, and I smile every time!"

Kids' Portrait Tattoo: lyric2005

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Photo by lyric2005

"I chose my calf was because it was a place where everyone would be able to see it. I already have a tattoo on my back, so I wanted a different place to show the kids off.

It makes me feel proud to have such beautiful children and how God has blessed me with them. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2005, after my son was born, and I didn't think that I was going to have any more babies. I am very proud of my children, and I love that I can show that even more through my tattoo."

These stories are so heartwarming. Thanks, mamas, for sharing your pretty tattoos and the stories behind them.

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Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Beautiful -- all of them. I feel the same way. My tattoos are a symbol of a time in my life, something I love.

My husband already has a "family arm" where he has the crest of his heritage and then a symbolic rendition of me. Under that, he plans on getting something for our kids after they are born.

I have two stars on my wrist (my hubs and I got these together) and I am going to add two more after our twins are born.

Emmy_... Emmy_Dollface

My next tattoo will be of a Japanese style carnation (my DD's birth flower) across my ribs. I will do the same with all of my children, just in different places. My left ribcage just happens to be where my DD liked to kick me the most.  The birthflowers are just so pretty, and the Japanese style will go with my koi tattoo on my right thigh and my  eventual dragon tattoo that will be on my left one.

BambiF BambiF

I'm getting a picture from 'The Runaway Bunny', the one where the little bunny grows wings. Then underneath it will say 'for you are my little bunny'.

Her daddy is getting 2 playing cards, the king and queen of hearts, because my daughters initials are KQ (Kennedy Quinn<33)

sstepph sstepph

I want one to honor my son. I have a star on my hip that I got when my best friend was killed, although their are no itnitals, the star is his.. i got it done the year anniversary after his death and it means the world to me.

auror... aurorabunny

My husband is a tattoo artist and I love hearing the stories of the tats he does for people that have to do with their kids.  I have several tattoos for my son and so does my husband.

Although sometimes the stories are sad.  He has done at least one name and date for people who lost their little ones. :(

Peajewel Peajewel

Aurorabunny that IS sad but what a great way to honor their little one. 

I want to get something with my kid's names on it but I want something less traditional.  I want the names almost hidden in the tattoo, I have just not found the right one yet. 

I like the tat above of the children's faces but I must say, it is hard to find a tattoo artist that can do faces well.

jcsmummy jcsmummy

my next one (in november) is going to involve the flowers from my kids' birth months, and their initials on the petals. i have a while to have it drawn up, i hope they can make it look awesome.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Oi... "face" tattoos almost always look horrible.  Really, people should avoid them unless you're seeing a VERY, VERY well-known and skilled tattoo artist.

Tattoos to represent your kids are cool by me.  Just like with a lot of tattoos though, I've seen some awesome ones, and some REALLY trashy and stupid ones.

I plan on getting the celtic Tree of Life on my back, with my childrens' names around it written in runes.

angel... angelasbury

I am waiting to get a tattoo for my daughter until I finish breast feeding to prevent the risk of infections like Hepititis, which I think moms should be aware they can pass on through bodily fluids.  But that just gives me time to really think about where and what design I want.  I already have my entire back covered, and I work witht the public, so it really can't be in a place that I couldn't hide.  I'm thinking the side of my leg or something.

TKsMo... TKsMommie

When we are done having kids I will be getting Aerosmith wings tattooed on my back with my childrens names around it.  DH and I met at an Aerosmith concert and my son, Tyler, is named after Steven Tyler.  Plus they have been my favorite band since I was like 6!

My brother has a cross with a ribbon wrapped around it with my daughters name and birthdate on it because he is her godfather, its gorgeous!

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