NurtureBaby: Homemade Baby Food Inspiration

Where was the Internet when I was making baby food (just a mere 6 years back, there was nothing...)? And where oh where was NurtureBaby and all its inspiring, drool-worthy recipes, techniques, and nutrition tips for making homemade baby food?


Making baby food is good for baby, saves money, and can be a whole lot of fun. Well, at least I thought it was fun. Not every mom does (nor should she). But if you want to partake...whether you make all your baby food or just a meal or two here and there, NurtureBaby serves up a fine dose of culinary inspiration for babies.

The recipes are broken down by age, as well as by food groups and food types. Baby crying for more protein? No problem. Serve up some "Gobble Me Up Turkey." At a loss for finger food ideas for older babes. "Sweet Potato Bites" might be mighty nice. The One-Pot Wonders also look pretty scrumptious.

I'm so glad someone (in this case, mama and founder Christen Babb) decided to make this information easy, accessible, and full-color lovely for parents who want to make their own baby food. Believe me, I read this stuff in a book, and there was nothing this fun or beautiful in that book.

I love you, Internet. And NurtureBaby, you're pretty nice too.

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