The TummyTub & Other Baby Products That Make You Say Hmmm...


TummyTubs, United Photos via Reuters file

I had fun perusing this "Parenting Products That Make You Do a Double-Take" feature over on iVillage, which includes the TummyTub pictured above.


The TummyTub is a baby bath, designed in the Netherlands, that replicates the womb for baby. Plus, it saves water for baths because of its small size. But it's kind of like an ordinary bucket too. That's why it makes me say, "Hmmm...."

The iVillage list also includes such "hmmm"-inducing baby items as the Peekaru, Zaky Hand Pillows, and the Babykeeper.

Here's a CafeMom discussion about TummyTubs in The CafeMom Newcomers Club.

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