Sun Hats for Babies


Photo from Amazon

Oobi Baby Boy Summer Hat, $28

Even if your vacation includes zero time at a beach, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your baby still wear a hat. Everyday sun exposure (think: a walk down the street, a stroll through the park) can be just as damaging to your baby's skin and can cause sunburn. Plus, what baby wouldn't look absolutely adorable in these sun hats?



sun hat baby



Ruffle Trim Sun Hat, $6 at Old Navy



baby sun hat


Patagonia Reversible Baby Sun Bucket Hat, $25 at REI




baby sun hat



Pink Blue Green Vines Sun Hat, $13 at Pox Couture





baby sun hat



                      Surf Patch Bucket Hat, $9.50 at Old Navy






Do you have a sun hat for your baby yet?

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