Milestones: First Hugs and Kisses (Heaven!)


baby milestones hugs kisses

Photo by JSVDP

My baby has been "kissing" for a while now. She started out by blowing kisses and she's now quite the expert. She blows them to dogs and to cats and any object that she happens to adore like, say, a box of cookies. She doesn't blow kisses to me though. I get the real thing.


Her "real" kisses have changed a bit over the past few months. She started out by giving me her cheek when I asked for a kiss. She then advanced to moving her mouth close to my face, and soon after that she added a kissing sound (something like mm-wah). That's about where she is right now. Her kisses are sweet and funny, but they don't melt my heart half as much as her hugs do.

When my baby hugs me, as she has just started to do, I feel a happiness I don't think I've ever experienced in my entire life. She initiates the hug on her own and I never know when one might be coming. She simply wraps her little arms around my neck and holds on tight, and I know this little person that I love with all my heart loves me back.

Right now I'm the only person that she hugs (sorry, Daddy) and that makes it feel even more special. I know the day will come when she might be too cool or too grown-up to kiss and hug her mom, especially in public, so I savor each and every one of these moments.

Is your baby kissing or hugging you? Isn't it the best? Do you remember the first time?

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