A Safer Option for Glass Baby Bottle Users

baby bottles

wee•go baby bottles from Lifefactory

More and more moms are choosing BPA-free baby bottles or moving away from plastic altogether going back to glass baby bottles. However, don't glass bottles worry you a little? I know, having had more than one bottle tossed at my head while driving, they worry me. Infant + glass = worried mom.


That's why I love these wee•go glass baby bottles with silicone sleeves from Lifefactory. The silicone sleeve is free of plastics, 100% non-toxic, and protects the bottle from breakage (you know, cause some infants are apparently in early training to be the next great NFL superstars; baby girls not excluded here). Plus, aren't these bottles so pretty and colorful?

The 9-ounce bottles with sleeves run $14.49 each, and the 4-ounce bottles with sleeves run $12.49 each.

Ahh, now I can worry less. I love any product that let's a mom worry less.

(via nonchalant mom)

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