Pool Safety Made Easy

summer vacation

pool safety for babies

photo from Safety Turtle

My baby and I took swimming "lessons" last summer at the local Y, and I plan to continue them this summer. However that doesn't mean I'll feel any more secure when she's playing around her grandmother's pool.


That's why the child immersion alarm system from Safety Turtle that Cool Mom Picks featured is so neat. It's a little wristband with a cute turtle on it that your baby wears. It  comes with a base station (the alarm) that you can either plug in or use with a battery pack. If the turtle goes underwater, the alarm goes off.

At about $270, it's pretty expensive, but I think it's worth it. For more information or to buy it, visit the Safety Turtle web site.

Will you be spending time by a pool with your baby this summer? Do you have any baby-proofing tips you'd like to share?

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