Funny Breastfeeding Book

If you've been the source of nourishment for a tiny tot, you will find humor in the book If These Boobs Could Talk ($12.99, Barnes and Noble).


Dedicated to, well, boobs, the authors of this book have managed to make the experience of breastfeeding downright hilarious (I know, long shot huh?).

The authors, Adrienne Hedger and Shannon Payette Seip, each have two kids of their own that they breastfed, so they know it all too well. But somehow, between the sore nipples and leakage, they've put together a book filled with witty diagrams, quizzes, and questions about breastfeeding that will have you rolling.

Peek inside the book from

Have you read this book? What would YOUR boobs say if they could talk?!

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