Twins With Different Dads


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A woman in Dallas, Texas knew there was something very different about her 11-month old fraternal twins Justin and Jordan--and was she ever right. She took her boys to a DNA lab and learned they have different fathers! reported that lab results in Dallas show a zero percent chance that the boys have the same father. The occurrence of twins with two fathers is extremely rare--only a handful of documented cases in the world--but it does happen; it's called "heteropaternal superfecundation."

This is how doctors explain it: If a woman releases multiple eggs during ovulation (which could normally mean twins or multiples) and she has sex with more than one guy within the same time period, two separate eggs can be fertilized. Think fraternal twins, except the two different sperm actually come from two different people. Again, this is ridiculously rare.

Is there a worse possible situation for this woman to be in? Not only is she guilty of an affair (unprotected, at that) and now she's totally busted, but she also has children to eventually explain all of this this to. Boys!

A shocked Mia Washington told reporters, “I’m trying to let everybody else know: Don’t put yourself in my shoes, because it can hurt and it does hurt, but you still have to go on with life.” 

Have you ever heard of a story like this?


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BaezBoyz BaezBoyz

Yeah it shocked me the first time I seen it on the Maury show.

Pamela5 Pamela5

Sounds like a story straight from Days of Our Lives!

RanaA... RanaAurora

This is how cats can have very large litters with two males at once too.
Fortunately this doesn't happen in people very often, because you have to sleep around a lot to make it happen.

m0m2t... m0m2twoboys

Sounds like a story straight from Days of Our Lives!

Because it is, Sami has twins from Lucas and EJ!!!

Ginanne Ginanne

wow.. i guess there are even more consequences for whoring yourself...

torij... torijadekylie

When I first read that reminded me of the Days of our Lives episode, but didn't know it could actually happen.

shiva... shivasgirl

must be something in the water here in Dallas, I live in a suburb and in the early '90's I baby sat a set of frats that were as different as night and day.. one blonde, blue eyed, very fair skin, square shaped head, the other very dark complected with brown eyes and hair, their baby sister was a dead ringer for the dark twin, The parents were in a nasty divorce, and as the wife was already caught cheating, the husband decided to get all three tested, because he really didnt think the baby was his....well, he turns up a few weeks later in tears with the papers, blond twin was his, dark twin wasnt, and neither was the babyit broke his heart, and I am really disgusted with our local channel 4 news for making this whore into a celebrity 

defia... defiantpromises

yup on Maury... A lady had fraternal twins, 2 daddies and the topper??? one twin was white and the other was african american!

angel... angelachristine

Well I guess she's a ho and now everyone knows it. If you are going to sleep with multiple guys at least use some protection come on.

mrssu... mrssundin

sounds like a soap opera to me..  that is so freaking crazy.

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