Is Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night?


baby sleeping through the night

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I was pretty lucky. Both of my babies started sleeping through the night around six or seven weeks. Not reliably, not every night -- but they did it once or twice and then we knew they could.

Especially with the first baby, getting several hours of uninterrupted sleep just felt like the most amazing gift.


And -- no surprise here -- lots of tired CafeMoms are talking about their babies sleeping through the night (or not).

I came across a post from a mom in Answers asking other moms at what point their babies started making it through the night. She said her daughter was actually in the middle of a nice, long nighttime sleep as she was writing the post, and the mom was happy about it, but also a little freaked out that something might be wrong -- she kept hopping up every few minutes to check on the baby.

According to the Mayo Clinic, many babies will sleep for a stretch of up to five hours during the night by about three months of age. And by six months, stretches of nine to 12 hours are possible.

Here are some tips on getting there sooner rather than later.

-- Encourage lots of baby activity (talking, singing, playing) during the day.

-- Monitor naps -- Regular snoozes are important, but marathon naps may leave baby wide awake at bedtime.

-- Set a consistent bedtime routine with bathing, singing, or reading -- Soon baby will associate these things with zzz's.

-- Put baby to bed sleepy but awake -- This will help him associate bed with the process of falling asleep.

-- Consider using a pacifier to help baby settle down -- pacifiers may even help reduce the risk of SIDS.

-- Expect him to stir -- and to be noisy! Sometimes a little fussing means he's settling down. Unless you think he's hungry or needs a change, it's OK to give him a minute to see what happens.

Remember, all babies are different -- some sleep easily early on, others don't.

Is your baby sleeping through the night? When did he start, and what got you over the hump?


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