5 Things I've Learned From My Baby



photo by ShansBerman

I know my baby is learning from me—how to talk, how to eat, and how to dance like a silly person. But I've probably learned more from her in these past 16 months than she has from me, and my life is so much better. My daughter has taught me:

1. To smile more. When you smile at people, they'll always smile back.

2. It's okay just to be good enough. Of course no one's perfect, but I used to try my very best. Now, I can't spend as much time as I used to getting caught up in the minutiae, and everything still turns out fine.

3. Not to be in such a hurry. She's taught me to slow down and notice more of the world around me. She sees things I'd never see without her.

4. Anyone can be your friend. You don't have to have a gazillion things in common to get to know and cherish another mom.

5. I don't need as much sleep to function as I thought I did. Well, at least I can get by on less, even though I want more.



What have you learned from your baby?



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sstepph sstepph

To Laugh and smile everyday and enjoy the small things in life :)

SxyPa... SxyPanamami83

that i never knew i could love someone so much that i had never seen or met till she popped out

that thinking about her growing up would make me a wuss


RanaA... RanaAurora

People DON'T always smile back... and oddly, it REALLY bothers me when they don't.

mommy... mommy2tobabies

These are 5 things I can relate too!!! The only thing I would hav esaid differently that they have taught me is... PATIENCE! lol ; ) Happy Holiday!

prove... proverbsmommy4

Well, my "baby" or rather "babies" are 13,10,8, and 3.   I have learned so very much from all of my boys. The list could go on and on. 

1.   To not care what others think of how I dressed, looked, etc.  It's downright amazing how my 8yro son will mismatch EVERYTHING and look just awful, but I kid you not......every boy wants to be his best bud and every girl wants to be his sweetheart.  I'm seriously not kidding. Even the teachers and principals have commented he's the most popular kid in class and at the school.  His personality just shines no matter how he looks.

2.  How amazing the simple things in life are.  Not just the occasional ladybug or squirrel......but even how exciting popcorn and apple juice is!!! 

3.  To take better care of myself on ALL areas (SPIRITUAL, emotional, physical, mental) so that I can be at my very best.

4.  What an absolutely hugely, enormous impact I have on their lives and how my very words and actions shape them into who they will be as adults. 

5.  To love.......UNCONDITIONALLY......everyone.  Not just in my family........but everyone.  To reach out to others when they are hurting or have a boo boo even if it's not my child.  To give a hug when you don't know the right words to say.......


MAyers MAyers

before I became a mom the thought of someone else's pee on me maked me gag and the first time my baby peed on me, it didn't even faze me.  

carol... carol4004

My "Baby" now 19yr old.   Has taught me how to love her no matter what, not to sweat the small stuff, can do anything.  to teach someone about life and love. Love being her mom  and love her for the young lady she has become.

lsmit... lsmith506

how much heartache they can cause just from a single tear.

Caria... CariadSpawn

To find my own happiness!  It's amazing how much being unhappy in other areas can effect how I parent my children.


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