Baby Gear: I Love My ...

photo by averiesmomma

Ergo baby carrier. And so does my baby. When she was younger I used a Baby Bjorn. She recently outgrew the Bjorn and I didn't know what I was going to do since our stroller isn't really hike-friendly (we take a lot of hikes) and she doesn't really seem to have as much fun in it.


Someone had given us the Ergo (we got four different baby carriers as gifts) and so I figured I'd give it a try (you can use it for a baby up to 45 pounds). It has good back support and a handy pocket, where I can stow my wallet, cellphone, car keys or even a diaper. You can wear it in front with the baby facing you or on your back (as shown in the photo). The only tricky part is when you put the baby in in and swivel it around to the back, but there is an instructional DVD and you can get the hang of it pretty quickly.

There are lots of other Baby Mamas on CafeMom who love the Ergo too. In response to a question about carriers in the Organic, Natural, and Simple Living group:

EuroMomTx says, "I have about 8 different carriers and the Ergo has truly been the one we got the most use out of."

mandawest says, "I looove my Ergo ... In the airports I carry him in front, and for short trips I carry him on my hio. I can walk for hours with my 30 pound munchkin on my back, and he is very comfortable too."

Aktracyann2 wrote, "I have backpacked all around the world with my two babies and by far this is the best."

What's your favorite way of transporting your baby? Stroller? Sling? Carrier?

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