Warning! Your Baby's Crib Might Not Be Safe


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This crib has been recalled!
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Drop-side cribs make life easier for moms—and their backs. However, they might not be so great for our babies. In the past two years more than 4.2 million cribs have been recalled; some have been linked to at least five infant deaths and there are 16 cases in which babies were trapped by parts of a crib. The really scary part? All of of the recalled cribs met the current safety standards.


Still, Toys R Us is so concerned about the safety of drop-side cribs, it's going to stop selling them.

Here's how safety experts say you can make sure your baby's crib is safe:

1. Look for cribs with stationary sides until there are better safety standards

2. Never use cribs with missing hardware

3. Avoid using a second-hand crib unless you know its history

4. Make sure your crib hasn't been recalled — you can check at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

5. Check the hardware periodically to make sure it's tight

What kind of crib does your baby sleep in? Are you concerned about drop-side cribs?

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