Would You Breastfeed Your Dad? This Woman Does


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photo from Australia Yahoo

A while back I asked you if you would drink your own breast milk and many of you said yes. Some of you even said that your significant other had tried it. What about your dad? Georgia Browne's 67-year-old father Tim drinks her breast milk every day.


Tim is battling cancer, and Georgia did some research that showed that drinking breast milk every day could help boost her dad's immune system and help him fight the disease. Tim spoke to his doctors and nurses about the idea and they were open to it.

After Georgia feeds her 8-moth-old son Monty, she expresses and freezes milk for her father who puts in on his cornflakes every morning. 'He said it didn't taste different than cow’s milk, maybe just a bit sweeter,' Georgia says.

So did the breast milk help with Tim's cancer? A month after starting the regimen, a scan of Tim’s cancer showed a slight, but distinct, improvement. Although doctors can’t say whether the breast milk has helped, Georgia says he's brighter and has more energy. She plans to continue giving it to her dad for as long as she can.

Would you give your dad your breast milk if could help him battle an illness?

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