Stupid Things People Say About Babies


photo by sweetjpea

Cafe Cynthia recently did a post about the stupid things people say about toddlers. It's incredible how insensitive and just plain dumb people can sometimes be. They say some pretty stupid things about babies too, as this post in the CafeMom Newcomers Club shows:



"No way they are twins, they look so different." (referencing fraternal twins)

"You should get her ears pierced so people will know it's a girl."

"Is she really yours? Well, she must look like her dad because she looks nothing like you at all."

"Hmm, your son looks more like your husband, and your youngest looks like you, but your oldest doesn't look like either of you ..."

"No, she can't be a boy, she's too pretty!"

"Is she a boy or a girl?" (man looking at a baby dressed in a frilly outfit with pink flowers all over and pink headband)

"What was she thinking about, getting those shoes for him? They are hideous!" (a Spanish-speaking couple said to themselves about a mom and her 4-month-old son in a picture studio, not realizing she understood Spanish. The couple then turned to the woman and lied, in English, "We were just saying how cute your son is!")

"Wow, I have never seen a baby with a head that was so round, it's like a perfect circle."

"Is that your baby?" (said very seriously to a 10-year-old pushing her 4-month-old sister in a stroller)

"Do they have the same dad? They look so different."

"Is she half black?"

"Why are you buying girl clothes when you are having a boy?" (said to a pregnant mom wearing a pink shirt with "Waiting on my little angel" who because she was having a boy was supposedly supposed to be wearing a blue shirt)

"Did you sleep with an Asian guy, because she looks Asian?" (said to a mom of a blonde, blue-eyed, fair-skinned baby girl)

"I guess your son got his hair from the Asian side of the family." (said to a Native American mom)

"I hope she gets prettier, she looks like a boy." (said about a 9-month -old in a stroller)

"They can't be twins, that can't be! They aren't identical! Were they born the same day?" (said to a mom of 11-month-old twins in the grocery store)

"Why didn't you have that little boy circumcised? He's going to have a rough time when he grows up."

"Oh my G*d! Whose demon child is that?!" (said to the mom of a one-year-old who was taking a few books off the shelves in the children's section of the bookstore)


What's the most obnoxious thing someone has said about your baby?

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