Travel With Baby Made Easier

Summer Vacations Guide

travel with babyI recently went on vacation with Mr. Cafe Suzanne and my baby and although it was a short trip we had a lot of luggage. Once we packed my daughter's diapers, wipes, food, bath supplies, sunscreen, books, and toys, we didn't have any room for her clothes. I really wish we had known about Babies Travel Lite.


It's a service that delivers food, diapers, formula, bath supplies, and virtually any other baby supply needs, anywhere in the world. The service was founded by Natalie Pechacek, a mom who got the idea for it when she struggled with the inconvenience of flying with her own baby. Everything you need will be at your destination when you arrive so your travel will be a lot easier and roomier. And you won't have to worry about being able to find your baby's products locally or losing your luggage.

Babies Travel Lite offers over 1,000 brand-name products, and you can order what you need online or over the phone. The site also sells baby travel gear and accessories.

Have you ever lost your luggage when traveling with your baby? Or have you needed something for your baby that you weren't able to get on your vacation? How did you handle it?

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